• One of Grandma’s best kept secrets is now available for her customers to use at home! This all purpose seasoning is responsible for some of Grandma’s Restaurants’ best tasting meats and vegetables. After trying it on French fries, baked potatoes, and salads, you might find that this will become your favorite ingredient in cooking. Generously sprinkle this incredible mix on your favorite food when cooking or use as a great dry rub by liberally seasoning your meat before grilling. All natural, no preservatives, gluten free. 26 oz Jar
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    Grandma’s Cajun Seasoning is perfect for adding a little zip to your favorite foods whether you’re a Cajun cook or not. It has a delicious level of flavor and heat, just enough to add zest to your food but still mild enough for the whole family. Generously sprinkle this incredible mix onto your favorite food and grill away! To use as a great dry rub, liberally season your meat before cooking.   6 oz Jar(s) $3.99 each


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